3D printing

The 3D price is calculated for each print individually, based on the assesment of the costs of your 3D models. There are several factors that affect the final price, such as the quantity of the material consumed, the required accuracy, the required material properties, the overal difficulty, color and more. Before printing , the model is optimized and checked to avoid errors in printing and to reduce the cost ratio. After defining the surface adjustment and the characteristics of the model, we will calculate the exact price, and specify the printing duration, and the delivery.

The approximate price for the full color printing: 1€ per cm³ excluding VAT (only consumed material counts). For preparing the price offer for printing of your 3D models go to the Customer Zone, where you can send us your models so we can prepare the price offer. Alternatively, please contact us.


3D scanning

In the case of the 3D scan, the price is calculated for each customer individually.

The approximate price per hour of work: 25€ per hour excluding VAT.

For preparing the price offer, please contact us.


CAD/CAM services

The prices are also calculated individually. Please contact us.

We look forward to our cooperation.