Our company offers


3D printing

3D Forbis offers the printing of the real 3D models in accordance with supplied materials. You can send us the 3D processed materials or we can create these models for you according to your requirements. Subsequently, your idea turns into a physical model.

Material options are as follow:

  • hard (resistant to the pressure and strain)

  • flexible (elastic)

  • waterproof (impermeable)

  • resistant to high temperatures (designed for the direct casting)

  • and many more

The 3D printing full color system fast and affordably produces the high resolution and full color prototypes and finished products.

Thanks to the upgraded technology of jet printing the parts with the sharply defined functions, increased accuracy and exact colors are created.


3D scanning

Digitization of small objects.


Provided that you have an object of which there is no layout, that is the digital processing, and you need it to be in digital form to be able to work with it - we will scan it for you. Using the laser technology the 3D scanners precisely capture the physical surface data for import into 3D CAD/CAM software.

The 3D laser scanner generates a 3D model, while capturing precisely its surface structure. Just scan every side, the top and the bottom separately. The software aligns and connect all the scans automatically while creating the surface structure of the whole object.


CAD/CAM services

We can create any type of 3D model, product, design, or prototype, for whatever your project.

  • custom 3D modeling

  • drawings processing

  • model analyses and assessment

Together, these products fulfill our vision of enabling organizations to bring higher-quality designs to market faster at lower cost.

The basic technical parameters of the 3D printing   


Print speed: 2-4 layers per minute


Minimum unit size: 254x356x203 mm, individual units can be folded into bigger parts that may enter at different measures (unlimited size)


Layer thickness: 0,089 – 0,203 mm, depends on the printing time


Material options: high performance composites, direct casting


Resolution: 600x540 dpi


Supported file formats: We are able to work with any file format, however we prefer these formats: *.stl, *.bld, *.pcy, *.sfx, *.3dc, *.zec, *.zpr, *.wrl  



The basic technical parameters of the 3D scanner:



Size of the scanned object: At the moment it is possible to scan small object up to the 0,5 m³.


Accuracy: Our 3D scanners capture in detail the surface structure with details smaller than 0,2mm.


Colorfulness: We provide the full color scans. We capture the digital colors of the scanned object.


Supported file formats: Digitally processed surface can be saved in formats: *.obj, *stl,  a *ply.


Other outputs: The potential output is a flash animation.