How 3D printing works


  • 3D printing works on the principle of gradual applying of thin layers of non-toxic and resistant ABS polymer in molten form

  • By the gradual applying of the layers, the model is created. Due to the thickness of only 0,089 mm the lateral surface of models is perfectly smooth and the final appearance is almost identical to the final product.

  • This technology enables you to create your models but also functional objects particularly fast and at a favorable price. Contact us for more information.

Print speed:

Print speed is given by the requirement for the accuracy and the smoothness of the copy surface. A thin layer will be printed faster but there is a need for more layers. Yet the lateral surface is much smoother. When a thick layer, vice versa.


Print colorfulness: 

During the printing the used material can be colored in up to 16.800000 color shades. The colors can be changed and applied directly during the printing.


Print durability:

Print durability depends on the finalization and the surface adjustments of the 3D model. Based on your requirements we are able to achieve the full functionality of models and products.