3D print is the 3D Forbis

In the terms of the relationship of the price and performance our 3D printers offer the optimal and variable solution for the various industries and sectors such as the automotive industry, the consumer goods industry, foundry; for healtcare and the medical equipment companies, and last but not least for the education, engineering and the architecture sector.


The 3D printing full color system fast and affordably produces the high resolution and full color prototypes and finished products.


Thanks to the upgraded technology of jet printing the parts with the sharply defined functions, increased accuracy and exact colors are created.







You can have your models printed and, subsequently, analyze the physical models of your designs in their final form.


Thanks to the fast 3D printing of your models you do not have to wait for the prototypes and finished products. 


By the uniqueness of having the 3D printing 24 bit color it is made possible to produce colorful models so that your originally designed data are exactly reflected.


The colorful models reflect more information than any other types of the fast prototyping and so you are given the strategic opportunity to generate products.



  • hard (resistant to the pressure and strain)
  • flexible (elastic)
  • waterproof (impermeable) 
  • resistant to high temperatures (designed for the direct casting)
  • and many more

Thanks to the different kinds of the powder and their combinations with various infiltrants it is possible to reach the high resolution properties of the produced models. Gypsum and composite based powders enable the production of the solid and hard models. Flexible models (simulation of the gum units) are made of the starch based powder. The material portfolio is complemented by the powder used for the direct casting of aluminum or other alloys.




Print speed: 2-4 layers per minute



Minimum unit size: 254 x 356 x 203 mm – individual units can be folded into bigger parts that may enter at different measures (unlimited size)



Layer thickness: 0.089-0.203 mm,  depends on the printing time



Material options: high performance composites, direct casting



Resolution: 600 x 540 dpi